Bitmain launches the new Ethereum Miner ‘Antminer e3’


It is official. Bitmain launches the Anmtiner e3 with the mining algorithm Ethash, which can be used for ether mining. For months there were rumours whether the company could produce such a miner.

The Antminer e3 costs 800 US dollars and has a computing power of 180 MH/s with 800 W power consumption. The first batch will be delivered in July and the first ASIC miners are expected to arrive in August.

We are pleased to announce the Antminer E3, world’s most powerful and efficient Bitcoin trader

Ordering limit of one miner per Bitcoin trader and not available in China. Limited stock, order here now: #antminerE3. If you take a closer look at the Bitcoin trader, you can see that this Antminer e3 corresponds approximately to the performance of a GPU rig. However, the ASIC-Miner is cheaper and also the power consumption is lower than a Miner with graphics cards.

But Bitmain should only be the first company to launch an Ethash ASIC Miner on the market. Further mining companies are currently working on Ethereum ASICs, similar to Cryptonight.

Currently, the Antminer e3 is profitable – depending on power consumption – and therefore attractive for investors. However, investors should bear in mind that the Antminer e3 is only the first ASIC miner for the Ethash mining algorithm and will certainly be followed by others, and that Ethereum will switch from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake in the future, making it impossible to mine Ethereum.

Ethereum code Hard-Fork?

The Ethereum code developer pipermerriam published on Github the Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP 958), the proposal for an Ethereum Hard Fork. And it seems that the majority of Ethereum supporters support an Ethereum Hard-Fork to exclude ASIC miners. ASIC miners promote the centralization of a currency.

It remains to be seen whether an Ethereum Hard-Fork will be performed. However, if this is done, the Antminer e3 will be useless for ether mining.

Technical details and information about the Antminer e3:
Mining algorithm: Ethash
Power consumption: 800 W
Hash power: 180 MH/s
Bitmain said that these data are conservative estimates, the real performance will probably be a bit higher. The Antminer e3 miners will only be sent when they are ready for delivery. The estimated delivery period is from 16 July to 31 July 2018.

A total of five such Antminer e3s can be purchased per person. Bitmain thus wants to ensure that nobody has a significant advantage over other miners.

New Steam game gives away Bitcoin to its players


Steam game gives away Bitcoin | A new game gives away a Bitcoin (current value: $10,821) for the first player who can solve the 24 puzzles of the game first. It all starts on February 20th. Rumor has it that developers are connected to a Bitcoin Wallet Recovery tool called btcrecover.

Steam game gives away Bitcoin code – real or fake?

Montecrypto: The Bitcoin code Enigma is a game where a player navigates in the first person view. The goal is to solve 24 “puzzles” to claim the ultimate prize for yourself seen here Is The Bitcoin Code a Scam? Beware, Read our Review First. The game ends as soon as a player has solved all puzzles for the first time. The selling price of the game is only $1.99.

“We are not here to promote Bitcoin. We think it can be fun to get a Bitcoin as a prize for our game,” write developers in the Montecrypto FAQ.

A curious addition under the heading “Conclusions” comes in the form of a direct link to btcrecover’s Github repository, which the developers claim could be “useful”.

Conclusion Stratis Coin and Bitcoin profit

Many companies still find it difficult to integrate blockchain technology into their everyday lives like this There is so much potential in it. Stratis would like to jump into this breach and offers a well thought-out concept and simple operation for developers.

The project takes a different perspective on cryptogaming from ongoing projects that have recently made headlines. Crypto Kitties, the phenomenon that took the Internet by storm in December last year before disappearing just as quickly, is being pushed out of place this month by a new ethereal-based game called DEUS ETH. In this world, “Tokenized Characters” navigate through a series of episodes that developers claim feel like watching “Game of Thrones”.

The Montecrypto team has now announced their wish to remain anonymous until the winner receives the prize.

Create Bitcoin Wallet – 5 ways to create a Bitcoin account


Create Bitcoin Wallet – 5 ways to create a Bitcoin account
By blockchain-hero / January 13, 2018
Create Bitcoin Wallet

Create Bitcoin Wallet – the digital key wallet and the facilitation of Bitcoin management

Bitcoins are not yet mainstream and yet experts already agree that this new currency will be the beginning of our future. The attractive Bitcoin price already tempts you to take a closer look at this currency and all the possibilities around the Bitcoins.

But as with all innovations, you have to think a little bit into the Bitcoins in order to understand everything. In order to facilitate this introduction, some terms are adapted to the terms of “normal” finance, even if they are different in their implementation. A term you come across quite quickly in connection with Bitcoins is the Bitcoin Wallet. But what exactly is behind this wallet for Bitcoins?

Bitcoin Wallet – How does it work?

The Bitcoin Wallet facilitates the handling of the currency and can be compared to the classic wallet because of its organising function. The decisive difference between the classic wallet and the Bitcoin Wallet is that the Bitcoin Wallet, similar to the currency, does not require a physical object, but is also digital. Each wallet is basically a single composition of characters. The composition of the characters in their order of the wallet is individual and additionally protected by a password. Your personal credit is stored in the Wallet. A Bitcoin Wallet manages your individual keys, which you need to access its Bitcoin address. As a user, you can only receive or send Bitcoins via this address. Only with this key can you authorize your different transactions. Basically, the Bitcoin Wallet does not contain your Bitcoins, but your key to using them. It’s the digital equivalent of a locker, with its access to your Bitcoin account.
Whoever knows the data of your wallet can see the content of scamcontrol the current Bitcoin course, but only you as the owner can access the Bitcoin account. Each wallet is anonymous, i.e. no personal data is stored. This guarantees you as a Bitcoin Wallet user anonymity and data security. It is also possible to create different Bitcoin Wallets and use them in parallel. Experts advise you to use several Bitcoin Wallets and distribute your assets among them. It makes sense to create mobile wallets with fewer assets that can be used conveniently from a smartphone.

Like any file, a Bitcoin Wallet can be additionally backed up by you by copying it to an external memory. Especially with a Bicoin Wallet with a high credit balance it is recommended to back it up offline.

Charles Lee not only understood the idea of Bitcoin


Charles Lee not only understood the idea of Bitcoin, but also developed an equally effective numbering system. Litecoin is one of the top Bitcoin hunters not only among experts. This is particularly evident in the share price and its development. Both digital currencies are due to the identical system. In the first step, each individual coin is first produced. The technical language then refers to Litecoin Mining. However, the main difference for the user is that the time span is only two and a half minutes to generate a single block. With bitcoin, however, this process takes 10 minutes. This means that money transfers between users are generated much faster. This weakness is becoming increasingly evident at Bitcoin. The number of transactions increases daily, which is why transaction confirmations in the Bitcoin network take longer and longer. With Litecoin, transactions can be confirmed four times faster.

Update: The SegWit process (Segregated Witness) was successfully activated at Litecoin to meet the high number of transactions. This solved the scaling problem that is currently (June 2017) still a big problem for Bitcoin.

In contrast to Bitcoin, users who actively engage in litecoin mining appreciate the algorithm used. While Bitcoin uses the so-called SHA-256 algorithm, the calculations for this digital currency are performed using a crypt algorithm, which is responsible for the shortened time span when calculating a block. Since the miners are rewarded with coins every time a block is produced, the faster a block can be produced, the more advantageous it is.

In the Litecoin network, the maximum number of coins is limited to about 84 million, four times more than with Bitcoin.

The Litecoin course and its development

While the Litecoin share price has staggered between $3 and $4 in recent months, it now experienced a significant leap upwards in April 2017. Overall, the price has risen by up to 500% and has reached the $500 million mark. In June it rose again sharply, reaching a record high of over $40 (towards the end of 2013 the price was still at $48). The implementation of Segregated Witness could be one of the main reasons for the growing course. This type of log modification is ultimately intended to make Litecoin more powerful, as the transactions can be processed more quickly. Originally, Segregated Witness was developed for the Bitcoin system.

In addition, the following news could have pushed up the price: China has recently withdrawn its ban on the withdrawal of litecoins from stock exchanges.

4 ways to Litecoin

There are three different ways to get this coin.

Firstly, people around the world have the opportunity to earn this digital currency through mining.
On the other hand, the digital currency can also be a means of payment for an exchange transaction. Especially in Africa, the crypto currency is becoming increasingly popular.
So far the detour is to go over other crypto currencies, as for example Bitcoin, in order to exchange these afterwards over an exchange stock exchange against Litecoin. Especially popular are file-sharing sites like Exmo or HitBTC.
Litecoin Mining: Earn money with your own PC
The basic prerequisite for the digital currency is litecoin mining, which can be practiced worldwide. The only requirements are a computer and an Internet connection. Translated, mining means “mining” of Lite coins. This process solves individual blocks that were previously generated on the basis of a special hash function. In this respect, there is a clear parallel to the degradation of bitcoins. Since the new blocks are generated in a time window of two and a half minutes, Litecoin Mining is practically a never-ending task. After four years, the rate of block creation is halved. This continues until a certain quota of litecoins has finally been reached. This mechanism is intended to protect against inflation, as is often the case with paper and coin currencies. As a rule, the individual blocks are so extensive that an individual user needs several weeks to solve them. Accordingly, user-related pools have been formed to work together on the solution through mining, whereby the generated capital is shared equally among the users. The Litecoin Mining fee is 25 Litecoins per solved block. In 2019, the next halving to 12.5 litecoins per block is expected to take place.