The next step to bitcoin acceptance?

Cryptonow: the next step to bitcoin acceptance? Bitcoin is booming – also in Switzerland. Recently, two companies based in the Alpine nation came up with the idea of bringing Bitcoin to the people in the form of voucher cards. The largest Swiss department stores‘ chain, Manor, and the Swiss-based retail company Valora apparently did not miss the current Bitcoin hype. In order to profit from the hype, the two retailers

VS beschuldigt drie Noord-Koreaanse hackers wegens crypto-aanvallen en WannaCry-ransomware

Het ministerie van Justitie heeft drie hackers aangeklaagd die zijn aangesloten bij de beruchte Lazarus Group. Op woensdag, de Verenigde Staten ministerie van Justitie aangekondigd aanklachten tegen drie Noord-Koreaanse hacker Bij de aankondiging veroordeelde assistent-procureur-generaal John Demers het Noord-Koreaanse programma, waarvan de bekendste tak de Lazarus Group is. Demers zei: „Noord-Koreaanse agenten, die toetsenborden gebruiken in plaats van wapens, en digitale portemonnees met cryptocurrency stelen in plaats van zakken met

DeFi takes a big leap, are we in a bubble?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) knows no stopping and several tokens reached a new all-time high this week. Are we in a bubble or are we currently re-evaluating the DeFi sector? DeFi has been performing better than Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) for a few weeks now . The sector was able to attract many new users and investors, particularly due to the trading hype of the last few weeks. Since well-known

Institutionelle Investoren reichen nicht aus, um den Bitcoin-Markt zu retten – JP Morgan

Die aktuelle Kampagne von Ethereum wirkt sich negativ auf Bitcoin aus Die geringe Anzahl institutioneller Investoren behindert den Aufstieg von Bitcoin. Der Marktanteil von Bitcoin sinkt. JP Morgan Chase and Co, eine Wall Street Bank, erklärte, dass die Anzahl der institutionellen Investoren nicht ausreicht, um Bitcoin wieder auf sein Allzeithoch zu bringen. JP Morgan, eine Investmentgesellschaft, erklärte, dass der Rückgang des Zuflusses von Grayscale Bitcoin Cycle daran hindern könnte, die

VanEck käynnistää Bitcoin ETN: n Deutsche Börse Xetra Marketplacella

Tärkeimmät kohokohdat: Varainhoitaja VanEck on ottanut käyttöön uuden pörssinoteeratun setelin (ETN), joka seuraa Bitcoinin suorituskykyä ETN: itä käydään kauppaa pörsseissä samalla tavoin kuin osakkeita VanEckin uusi ETN ei ole ensimmäinen Euroopassa saatavana oleva arvopaperistettu Bitcoin-versio VanEck käynnistää Bitcoin ETN: n Xetrassa Varainhoitaja VanEck on ottanut käyttöön Bitcoin BTC: n, -10,28% pörssissä vaihdetun setelin (ETN) Deutsche Boersen Xetra-markkinapaikalla. VanEck Vectors Bitcoin ETN on täysin vakuudellinen, ja Bank Frick huolehtii tuotteesta tukevasta

How did the most popular Bitcoin predictive models fare in 2020?

In a year of extreme volatility, Bitcoin’s price models have never had so much to prove From lows of $3,600 to all-time highs just above $24,000, 2020 was the year Bitcoin (BTC) surprised analysts like never before. Predicting the crypto asset’s next move is becoming increasingly difficult, while at the same time an accurate pricing model for Bitcoin Formula scam has never been more necessary. Cointelegraph examines how the industry’s

This historic Italian bank invests in cryptocurrencies – its customers not at the end of their surprises

Criptovalute, per favore – More and more banks want to gain exposure to the growing cryptocurrency industry. This is now the case of Banca Generali, in Italy, which announces that it has made a large investment in the crypto-company of the wallet Conio, and which promises much more for 2021. $ 14 million invested in a crypto-startup The Banca Generali is one of the largest Italian banks. It is a

Bitcoin bryter nya all-time highs som riktar sig till $ 23.000

Bellwether-kryptokurrency ser ostoppbar ut efter att ha gjort en ny rekordhög nivå. Missa inte Market Moving News Bitcoin steg till en ny rekordhög nivå för första gången sedan mitten av december 2017. Medan spekulationer ökar om ytterligare vinster i horisonten, pekar flera mått på kedjan på en brant nedgång. Breaking New All-Time Highs Bitcoin lyckades återställa alla förluster som uppstått efter 17% retracement den 25 november. Även om mer än

Bitcoin reaches second highest monthly barrier so far – nearly $14,000 barrier

BTC’s price hit $14,100 highs – the highest price in more than 32 months Bitcoin is trading almost $13,800 a day, just below the weekend high of $14,100. While the main cryptomoeda appears to recover above the resistance area, all eyes are on the performance of the legacy markets in the days ahead, a scenario that is likely to impact the market basket of cryptomoeda as risk aversion hits traders

Les pirates informatiques font don de 20 000 dollars de Bitcoin à des organisations caritatives

Les pirates informatiques ont envoyé un total de 20 000 dollars à des organisations caritatives. Les organisations à but non lucratif ont rejeté ces dons, car ils ont été faits par des pirates informatiques. Un rapport récent de la BBC a informé que certains pirates cryptophiles de la face cachée ont fait don d’environ 10 000 dollars de cryptocurrences, précisément de Bitcoin (BTC), à deux organisations caritatives différentes. Cet acte

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