New Steam game gives away Bitcoin to its players


Steam game gives away Bitcoin | A new game gives away a Bitcoin (current value: $10,821) for the first player who can solve the 24 puzzles of the game first. It all starts on February 20th. Rumor has it that developers are connected to a Bitcoin Wallet Recovery tool called btcrecover.

Steam game gives away Bitcoin code – real or fake?

Montecrypto: The Bitcoin code Enigma is a game where a player navigates in the first person view. The goal is to solve 24 „puzzles“ to claim the ultimate prize for yourself seen here Is The Bitcoin Code a Scam? Beware, Read our Review First. The game ends as soon as a player has solved all puzzles for the first time. The selling price of the game is only $1.99.

„We are not here to promote Bitcoin. We think it can be fun to get a Bitcoin as a prize for our game,“ write developers in the Montecrypto FAQ.

A curious addition under the heading „Conclusions“ comes in the form of a direct link to btcrecover’s Github repository, which the developers claim could be „useful“.

Conclusion Stratis Coin and Bitcoin profit

Many companies still find it difficult to integrate blockchain technology into their everyday lives like this There is so much potential in it. Stratis would like to jump into this breach and offers a well thought-out concept and simple operation for developers.

The project takes a different perspective on cryptogaming from ongoing projects that have recently made headlines. Crypto Kitties, the phenomenon that took the Internet by storm in December last year before disappearing just as quickly, is being pushed out of place this month by a new ethereal-based game called DEUS ETH. In this world, „Tokenized Characters“ navigate through a series of episodes that developers claim feel like watching „Game of Thrones“.

The Montecrypto team has now announced their wish to remain anonymous until the winner receives the prize.